W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com
Est. December 29, 1999
Something about tomorrow, let me show you, any day, Billy's got a gun, non wompin' lethal stun, soldier of faith for the number #1 son, God's only one & we're all going down to see the Lord Jesus, Terry is his name and he's prestigious, one in the same, he's gonna lead us! Jesus came with A & I have B and I'm your stead, voice of the God's command in need.  Children of the sea, ocean gypsy, sprit carry me, in my soul I'm riding dolphins oceanwide, sky high leap frog tied, Aslan's mane and pride,  please Mother Earth Eden is in my eyes, glory to you, we feel alive!  Let it rain on the vaine, cover the desert plain, mountains crumble, ants implied, way above me, collide, Yin Yang embedded, doors open wide, Jesus's beat is Gonzo's ride, you show me faith, love and try, to keep me going from death inside, please keep moving, moon over the skies baby I'm suprised, look to the buds, nets filled inside, gonna spread the  soil deep wide, please remember, we can only try, nowhere will you ever realize, Jesus loves you true and tried, let freedom ring from   your soles arms open wide lay down your arms and hear my cry, Jesus is home, nationswide, from the streets of Cape Cod, strong arm pride, tears they flow whenever you cry, birds fly out never tongue tied, window panes open to you and why, voice to voice health and good wishes to you deep inside, dear Pelelope, alive I cried, only you are better than I, here comes Jesus, let's step aside, God's #1 son with daughter aside, mother is emporing for stars to align, here comes ET, two worlds fist bump universally clasping together, we are as one for ever and ever, let love rule and war is no more, brother do you remember terror benign, east of my ears, live with no fears, it's been too long, way too many years,  I'm finally home, it seems to appear, there's devils & dust, rock or bust, we're all gonna get paid, in you we trust, Jesus, remind me, never to lust, only in Eden, nakedness is trust, son and daughter, funny how love is, white queen, regardless, someday, one day, the loser in the end, is those who stayed behind, grand design, the caravans are in line to circle the nation without implication, a fireside twist and flow, there's no pain, I'm only saying, here's my arrow and bow, JT, the footsteps that I make, excuse me, I now kneel, TB, Terry & Billy, what do you know, let's be silly,
1+2+3+4, now on with show, to where the river flows, now go cat go!..:-)

Believe MC16
All around scene
Radio scream
Do you see what I mean?
Understand, the man and land
I'm 100% Eden cream
Bengazi is so small
But Jesus let me know control
Why must my engine stall
For twenty minutes, a blip or two 16MC glue
How am I supposed to let love make yew
Come on, come here, across the miles
To a place I hold dear
G Blue, Americans true
Straight through hell outback
I think I am long overdue, DEWYUWE?
How 'bout YES?
Leowil, led the will and kept my life alive
No shame to gain, over again, much the same
The ring around her waist, is my total taste
Nobody is quite suprised that I realized
If Elvis was Elvish he'd be mad happy with pride
Parker Pirate within the green
kickass to you with my Queen
Back to you MPC2B

William Keith Mahler

Winter is no dissenter, merely top hinter with four male splinters Obama nation our creation with Boston's Diana James windy flow our Earth a hearth for Terry Jesus to row so HC & JM & WCCCWK away doe Eden P4ME love motion commotion promotion sons and daughters grow.
Well, there's no baby carriage at your feet, I've yet to see you walking down the street, yet their's two kids mixed up in this lonely world, tell me am I the man, of whom you prefer...
RAB Pirates Say, Elton Erin's Sons XMas2U woman please many in full view
Kiss, I hope you have your monster mash, stash and bash faces ready to flow, onto where the gypsy angels stowed, into the light with might, i swear i saw the flag of isis in facebook, before noon yesterday and claim i might.  brag for my friends, family country and flag, i told isis, do you feel bad?  insist to resist, 15-300 and something like an LP too, zeps songs remain the same, one side, three songs, rippled and listened too.  what did i see, according to us blues, a 29 yr old now dead man with allah, well beyond accused.  tell me oh, countrified and unified, glazed and creamed for the breakfast scene, do you remember us all, a p&b sandwich team?  well, way back in 2003, stood a bralizian man known as "carlos" or something like that, d&d personified, bruce will attest to that, the kiss i missed from any girl i say with pride, only leonda had that feeling implied, straight on her lips and everwhere else, i won't deny & carlos knew everything i told him with pride, about the love, the dove, the friendship too, when he left the job, i told him build a bridge from me to you and what did isis do?  they got a 29 clone, orlando killer, looks just like carlos too.  so late last night as i watched tv, from inside the home of sec. of state winter sargent, her lover, my brother chief of staff ken it's true, i watched janet morris's hand shut the door, then i heard a thumpin bruised pill sized cry, moments later, i told kevin and winter, christopher morris, is way deep inside.  friends til the end, with a naked display, i've spread my wings according to sammy, man and woman i am, i can't complain, so tell me kisser's got me worldwide, i wrote to u2 & queen 'bout mc16 and equality world wide and guess my father Richard, way near Bonita Springs, Orlando knows the meaning of when death tell me now war machine, an odyssey my way, tell me now, king of the mountain, is heaven on fire, let me know it's kissin time, rock soldiers, it's hell or halellujah and i'm takin hell way down below, so someday TuB-Shavet will have a place to grow..   Joe Clancy, peer and confidant, I'm your hired gun, now pay us all alot!  Fox on the run, gimme a feelin, we're a little below the angels, creatures of the night, i'm the love gun so shock me baby, i'm almost human, go baby driver, my love is larger than life, all american man, what do  you know drop kick murphy's knuckleball killer keith shaken the leaf, catcher in your eye, no hitter from me, inside the park homerun, thanks to everybody!  Freedom please!  W.O.M.P.: Weapons Of Mass Protection, NetBuds.Net/womp and please forgive me, i know not what i do, please forgive me, i can't stop loving you.  (KK'75)
What Do You Foe we belong way down we tow do I object Mrs. First Lady Luck JLT & VNTM G Moon Magnet rear do no farm, instant JD 420'ed free countrified unified kiss b4 JT & RHM & the eagles fly dive dove rose2pac dead & co green day Steinbeck's jam I the sun am present man Boston & Hyannis DPort & Alan hug me where I am BG2UMCQJA going now Say
William K. Mahler
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Audrey Lee A2Z Zacharowski membery Horseneck beach, well in tow, Lombard Lane 2M behind Sun & Signs, remember the swells and misty spells, love and peace, we shall sell your story spell, God forgive me, VPNB2016, please remember my wife Mrs. MP to Act Of Mercy Mercy Mercy Me!

Flight Of Icarus MC16

You should understand, direct from this man, Joe Biden took a stand crossed the road, undertook an overload. 2nd in command, a v. p. chair, ask me NetBuds, should I dare? Hillary Rodham Clinton Icarus's Iron voyage maiden, heaven is a place Eden knows, as your v. p. only to her above first, then you Madam President with me close behind, son and daughter by design in this one world nation Earth, I The Sun shall stay The Carnelian Throne heir L.K.P. Asian Pacific's Sacred NetBud Band, understand, Terry is Jesus in demand. VP me? You decide, Greasy Lake, turn the tide veep elite d & d, up here within God's Cash & ELP, MC16 4Free